About me

OK. I finally decided to get with the “program” and create a blog. I’m not sure anyone really cares about what I think or what I do or what I have to say. But if they do, they can read it here. I’m writing this on day One, so this may change. But for now, I plan to make this site a mixture of what is happening with us here at home, plus my thoughts on current events, politics, etc., and anything else that comes to mind.

When I first set up the blog, I didn’t realize I could change certain settings; I no longer require people to give their contact information to post. And I encourage comments, but I reserve the right to delete any that I find offensive. I will continue to moderate all posts that are made, and I will edit your post if it contains advertising or blatant untruths. The reason? Sometimes I will talk about things that are controversial and people could get riled. I think it is prudent to moderate. However, I invite you to disagree with me and will not remove posts that do. Just keep it clean and no ad hominem attacks. I promise to do the same.


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